Membership Matters

The membership of the Rotary Club of Truro has varied between 65 and 58 for many years and any decline in overall membership is unacceptable and not in the best interests of the club. The goal of the club is to be in the 65 membership range. It is felt that to have an effective number of members to fulfill our Rotary mission and provide the unique fellowship offered by that size club, we will need to put forth special effort to recruit and retain additional members to make up for potential losses. The club also needs to diversify its membership base to include more women, younger members and a wider range of professions to continue to be healthy into the future.

These pages outline the Club's membership goals and objectives as articulated in the Rotary Club of Truro 2011-14 Membership Strategy. Also included are resources to answer questions and provide tactics for recruiting and retaining members.

While membership profile and attendance are only a couple of measures of the success of the club, they are important indicators of the commitment and engagement of Rotarians and ultimately the effectiveness of the programs and projects.  Membership matters!