Barbara Goit
Rotarian of the Year
Rotarian of the year is a distinction extended to the member of the club who has exemplified “service above self” in her/his activities and accomplishments in the prior year.
There is no better recipient of the award for the 2018 year than Barbara Goit.
A Rotarian since 1994 and President of the Rotary Club of Truro in 1998-99, Barbara remains very active within the club, on the board of Directors and at committee levels. She has been the club’s Youth Committee Chair for the past two years, and always provides valuable information and context to the Board when decisions are being made.
Barbara is an engaged volunteer. Specifically, in 2018, Barbara’s activities and involvements included:
  • Applying for and receiving a district grant to establish the popular Rotary Music Park on the Town of Truro’s Civic Square;
  • Helping to launch the new Rotary Short Term Youth Exchange. Through her efforts, our club is the only one in the district to take part in this initial year and we have two students involved;
  • The creation of an information sheet for area high schools that describes all of the youth related programs that we operate (RYLA, Adventures in Citizenship, Interact, Rotaract, bursaries, etc). She and Ken MacLean met with all secondary schools to share this information;
  • Overseeing and involvement with the Adventure in Citizenship committee which sends deserving high school students to Ottawa to become young leaders in their communities;
  • Assisting greatly with Bollywood Night, our largest social event of the year, specifically being the lead contact between all of the people and organizations involved;
  • Establishing and chairing the Sponsorship committee which secures significate sponsorship for our major events - Bollywood and Charter Night. This approach has significantly increased our revenue and allowed us to do even more for our community;
  • Assisting with Charter Night, specifically in organizing, selling tickets, attracting sponsors, etc;
  • Being a lead for the Interact program, Barbara has worked with Laurie Sandeson and Lydia Sorflaten to help increase awareness and participation in Rotary at the high school level.  She has also helped efforts to create a Rotaract Club at the post-secondary level in our community;
  • Always on the lookout for new members, Barbara has sponsored two new members in 2018 alone.
Barbara recently completed the Rotary Leadership Institute training and has become an RLI Facilitator engaging Rotarians and strengthening clubs through peer facilitated courses.
Barbara faithfully attends club meetings and events.  She and Jim also host social gatherings and meetings during the year including the annual Christmas Party.
One of the criteria for Rotarian of the Year is someone who promotes Rotary by their actions and involvements. Barbara is as an outstanding example of the embodiment of Rotary and she serves to extend the reach of our club into the community at large. That may be where Barb’s efforts are most felt – in passing the Rotary torch to new members and making them feel included and valued as new Rotarians.
Barbara Goit indeed deserves the 2018-19 Rotarian of the Year Award.