Posted by Alana Hirtle on May 07, 2018

As part of RI President Riseley's tree challenge, each club around the world was tasked with planting one tree per member this year. The Rotary Club of Truro was pleased to have partnered with the local Scouts Canada troop to plant trees at the old Truro dump site.

On Saturday, May 5th, Rotarians, family and friends including Audrie-Jo & Mike McConkey, Barbara Goit, Wayne Gillis, Youwei Chen, Alana Hirtle, Jane Gourley-Davis, Garth and Trinkie Coffin, Lydia Sorflaten and Mark Mason accompanied by students Katie, Marianne and Minseo all met up with the scouts and paired off  to plant approximately 1000 spruce seedlings donated by the the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources.   They will grow into a great forest some day on this reclaimed site.

A big thank you to Audrie-Jo for arranging this activity!