The Rotary Club of Truro hosted a very successful Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) Event in Truro on Friday 5th 2017.  
This year’s RYLA event had 37 students in attendance with students attending from each of the 5 large regional high schools. This year we also had 2 students attending from the Halifax district to participate in the day and will be taking feedback to the Rotary clubs there.
Winners of the two $500 bursaries were Josey Peters, a 17 year old student from CEC , as well as Lindsey Burgess, also a 17 year old student from CEC. Out of the 37 students, 17 were prepared for their interview with a personal portfolio. A special thanks to Rotarians Jim Gould and Ken MacDonald who were tasked with the job of reviewing all the portfolios and holding the interviews.
The day consisted of many activities for the students to participate in as well as a chance to each group to produce a 5 minute video on the challenges and advice they would provide to students entering high school. 
This year we provided the students with a binder that they could use as a personal portfolio in the future.
Thank you to the following Rotarian that helped in organizing the day and helping to facilitate. Without their help, the day would never have been able to happen. :
Ken MacDonald
Jim Gould
Les Mosher
Barb Goit
Andrew MacDonald
Jean Morris
Sarah Boss
Derrick Higgins
Lech Krzywonos
Audrey Jo MCConkey
Mark Mason
Laurie Sandeson
Steve Gallant, RYLA Chair