The Truro Raceway has invited the Truro Rotary Club to take part in Cheering for Charity 2016.  The club will be the Charity participant for the month of July.
The way the program works is as follows: Seven drivers from the Truro Raceway are paired with sponsor. Each time a driver wins a race at Truro Raceway from June to November, their sponsor donates $25 to the recipient non-profit. Each month, they have a different non-profit organization that will be receiving the donation.  Check out the Facebook page on the program.
We are looking for two or more Rotary members each race day to participate. The dates are as follows:
  • Saturday, July 23 -7 PM post time
  • Sunday, July 24 - 12 PM post time
  • Sunday July 31 - 12 PM post time
The week of July 17 is grand circuit week which is the biggest event the racetrack has. We would like to have more people to participate that week. Consider bringing spouses and friends with you that week. Grand Circuit Week draws spectators from Atlantic Canada and Ontario.
This would be a great opportunity for our club to promote ourselves to other parts of the country.  Let me know when you can participate and have some fun.
Ken Maclean at
The Rotarians who went to the first  races had a great time as witnessed by the pictures.  Head on down to Truro Raceway and join the action.