Posted on Sep 14, 2018
Nine rotarians from the Rotary Club of Truro volunteered with the Colchester Community Workshops annual Golf Tournament as on-course help as Hole-In-One spotters, with the marshmallow drive, football toss, cash collection, refreshment cart, sale of contest buttons and cheat sheets.  Rotarians also helped with the distribution of gift bags.
An additional nine Rotarians were golfing in the event and helped with fundraising.  Our teams collected a total of approximately $5,600 and the event is estimated to have generated about $28,000.
Team Dave Mills:
Richard Bowness
Larry Beazley
Rod Jones
Wayne Gillis
Team Ryan Beazley:
Al Cooze
Jim Gould
Andrew MacLaughlin
Laura MacLaughlin
Team Brian Matthews:
Terry Pook  
Alana Hirtle
Chester MacPhee
Lech Krzywonos
Lydia Sorflaten
Laurie Sandeson
Darlene Stevenson
Mark Mason
Sarah Boss/RBC Bank 3 people

This was a big turnout to support our sponsorship of this partner event. Thank you  to everyone.