Posted by Jim Goit on Nov 08, 2017
Catherine Saunders (wife of Rotarians Dale Saunders) was researching her family history (her Mom was born on Port Hood Island, Inverness County). As she was looking through the ‘Inverness County Bulletin’ in the records at the Nova Scotia Archives in Halifax and happened upon an article about the formation of the Rotary Club of Truro dated February 27th, 1926. 

The article refers to a meeting in Truro "last night" (Feb 26th) although other newspaper articles indicate it was Tuesday night (Feb 23rd) which is the night our history indicates was the actual date.   There were 25 members of the Rotary Club of Halifax and 15 members of the Rotary Club of New Glasgow who met with about 15 men from the Truro area to have dinner and discuss the formation of a Rotary Club in Truro.  The next meeting of the new club was to be held on March 5th. 
While official records from RI show the Charter date as April 2nd, 1926, our own club history shows that March 5th is the date the club held its own inaugural meeting and received its charter from Charles Burchell, third Vice President of Rotary International.  The paper work may have taken time to get to RI headquarters. 
Thank you to Catherine and Dale for finding this item and sending it along to us.