Posted by Jim Goit on Jan 04, 2019
The Club received a nice Christmas Greeting and report from the Rotary Club of Ulaanbaatar Peace Avenue in Mongolia.  The report referred to the kindergarten project the club had supported.  
The full text of the note to Kevin Quinlan follows:
Dear Kevin,

On behalf of RC of UB Peace Avenue and its Eco Ger Kindergarten Project Team, please receive our warmest wishes for Christmas and coming New Year from the coldest capital of the world!

With out your belief in us and our team, we would not have achieved a remarkable faith in humanity - people helping people and building bridges of friendship and peace!

Thanks to you and your club, 35 children of 35 household in ger district enrolled in Eco Ger Kindergarten and 70 parents' mind is in peace, so they can pursue their career to improve their livelihood.

It was a milestone for our club as it was the first Eco Ger Kindergarten in Ulaanbaatar City, which brought more ideas and motivation for our stakeholders to do more in the future. 

Thank you again. Thank you for your beautiful heart and soul! A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! 

You will have always friends in Mongolia and our doors to our homes open for you!