Posted by Jim Goit on May 06, 2018
Our travelling Rotarian, Kevin Quinlan, met up with the Ulaanbaatar Peace Avenue Rotary Club in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, which was celebrating its 5th anniversary. 
Kevin reports that the Club is the 1st and only club formed totally by former Rotaract members. They stick to the 18-30 year rule so after the age of 30 they can join a club. A group of Rotaractors got together and formed this club.  There are 14 Rotary Clubs, 15 Rotaract Clubs and 3 Interact clubs in the city of  Ulaanbaatar.
The evening was about celebrating their infant hearing testing project. There were 4 Americans and 2 Canadians, an implant surgeon, audiologist, 2 speech therapists, speech pathologist and teacher of the deaf in attendance. 
They talked about 2 other projects: a water project in the Gobi Desert and a project in the Ger District to provide preschool and food to the poorest of the poor. Children  are left alone in the Gers to keep the coal fire going. Ger is a tent like structure many people live in - no water or electricity, and they burn coal in a stove which pollutes the city big time in winter.  The acting president (the president had just had a baby) invited Kevin to their next ‘regular’ meeting as well. 
Kevin had a Guinness at the Grand Khan Irish Pub. He noted that the club is fairly gender neutral and that they inducted 2 new members at the meeting.