The Rotary Club of Truro has received the first Global Grant approval in District 7820 using the new grant system initiated by Rotary International. The grant will be used to repair and equip a three room school in Befang, Cameroon, Africa.  The Rotary Club of Truro’s $5000 contribution has been matched by Rotary International ($7,500) and District 7820 ($5000) for a total of $17,500. 
Planning has been in progress since Dec 2012 to repair and equip a school in Befang, Cameroon.  Rotarian Lydia and husband Allan visited this school and took the following video that shows the conditions in the school:
Community Needs Assessment was done.  An engineer drafted plans and set out costs for the repairs.  Plans were laid, budgets set.
In order for this project  to be considered for a Global Grant, it had to be combined with another project (to install 10 Ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrines into area schools around Kumbo, Bui Division, Cameroon)  to bring the total to the required $35,000.   Our  Club worked through Hand Up, a group of Rotary Clubs in Ontario to combine these two projects to make the application to Rotary International.
The Rotary Club of Kumbo is the host club in Cameroon.  The project will be implemented through Integrated Development Foundation (IDF).
The project is being approached in three parts.  Presently a latrine is being built (Phase 1).  GLOBAL GRANT GG1417856 will repair and equip the three room school.  The following slideshow shows progress as of January 2014.  Community volunteers have begun making bricks (6000) to be used in the rebuilding of the school.  The present state of the latrine is shocking!   Teachers and community through meetings have determined that more light is needed in the school so in rebuilding, more windows will be added.
Everyone is very excited about the improvements for the school in Befang, Cameroon, Africa