District 7820 Governor Stella Roy made her official visit to the Rotary Club of Truro on September 29th.  After a great meeting with the Board of Directors she met with club members and presented Stephen Gallant with the Vocational Service Leadership Award  for his ongoing efforts to host RLYA events in Truro.  She also commended Laurie Sandeson for her efforts for Polio Plus over the past couple of years.  We are so close to finishing the job of total eradication of the disease.
DG Stella then gave a very inspirational talk about Rotary and the work that goes on locally, regionally and internationally and related personal stories that highlighted how much good work Rotary does in our region and around the world, explaining how important every Rotarian is in that effort.
She finished by thanking President Jim Gould and praising the work of the Rotary Club of Truro, encouraged us all to do our best and to Light up Rotary..
Stephen Gallant received a Vocational Service Leadership Award from DG Stella Roy.  He has been a member of the Rotary Club of Truro for the past 7 years.
Steve has been instrumental in coordinating, planning and executing an annual Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) event in Truro for several years. Fellow Rotarians have had the pleasure of assisting Steve during the day-long RYLA workshop and we are always blown away by his ability to engage and motivate high school participants each year. The agenda covers topics such as leadership styles, qualities of good leadership, role playing, etc. He typically has the students do individual personality assessments along with lots of fun games that help demonstrate the message. Local business leaders, olympians and coaches are invited to meet with the students and talk about what it takes to be successful leaders both in the workplace and in the community.
In addition to the leadership training activities throughout the day, Steve encourages students to bring portfolios of their academic and community achievements. These are reviewed by a panel of Rotarians who also interview the students and select two RYLA bursary recipients ($500 each).
Steve is a natural leader and excellent facilitator. He captivates the students from the moment they step into the room. They leave the RYLA event with a new appreciation for and interest in student leadership.
Steve is very deserving of this Award. He has made an imprint on the lives of many students in our region who will no doubt go on to leadership roles in their respective careers and community life. 

DG Stella recognized the efforts for Laurie Sandeson in organizing events to support the Polio Plus cause including bringing in Thie Convery as a speaker last year and this years Shortt's Lake Polio swim. The money raised will benefit the global effort and are good example of the things that clubs can do to engage communities in these important initiatives.