Posted by Jim Goit on Oct 23, 2018
District 7820 Governor Rob Christie was on hand to help officially open the new Rotary Music Part on Civic Square in Truro on Oct 22, 2018.  Shown in the photo are (L-R) Rotary District Governor Rob Christie, Mayor of Truro, Bill Mills, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester, Nick Sharpe, President of Rotary Club of Truro, Ryan Beazley
This is the completion of a Rotary District 7820 project that the Rotary Club of Truro  authored  that brought together Rotary District 7820, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester and Town of Truro to develop a permanent open air music park in the very popular Civic Square. The instruments will open up the creation of music to a wide segment of the community and to visitors to the Civic Square without need for any previous musical skills. People of all ages and ability levels will be able to make music and have fun. The instruments are durable and designed for outdoor use year round.
Music and Truro have been synonymous for decades, and the purpose of this project is to ensure that the joy of making music is available to all. To begin, a starter set of 3 instruments were chosen and this can be expanded upon later. 
All the instruments play in the key of C. The instruments are durable, sustainable and perfectly tuned. With no wrong notes, they are easy to play. No tuning is required. They are built to maintain pure and soothing tones through years of rigorous play and exposure to the elements.
The Griffin (Chimes - the upright unit in the middle) - has 11 notes and has an alto to soprano range. It produces warm, rich tones that linger for three to five seconds.
The Piper (to the left of the Griffin) - in the style of a marimba, this instrument has 11 notes that provide an earthy/percussive sound. It provides a contrast in tone to the Merry.
The Merry - a bright sounding xylophone-like instrument.

The mission of Rotary Club of Truro is to provide service to others, especially children and individuals with special needs. The music park will fit both of these needs. We encourage everyone to drop by and give music making a try.

It was a cold and windy day for the opening but it was obvious judging by the trampling of the grass that the instruments had already been well used.  People stopped by the have a go a making some music and expressed how much the music park would enhance the Civic Square.  Plans are already in the works to hard surface around the existing instruments and think about what additional instruments might be installed to complement these three.