The Rotary Club of Truro helped the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing (CADS) – NS purchase a new SitSki for use by disabled skiers at Ski Wentworth.  CADS –NS has been teaching skiing to disabled people for many years at Ski Wentworth. Disabled people can ski using CADS equipment available at the ski hill.  The cost to own the adaptive equipment is prohibitive to most disabled skiers and as the demand for CADS lessons is growing every season, the program needed to have one more adult SitSki to meet that demand.  
The Rotary Club of Truro authored a successful District grant project and matched the $1,500 that the District provided for a total contribution of $3,000. The CADS-NS group paid the balance of the $5500 project cost.
The new adult Sit Ski from Mountain Man Equipment in Montana was added to the existing fleet of older models resulting in a 25% expansion of overall capacity.  As the new unit is larger, it can be used with heavier clients who are currently not able to ski safely at Ski Wentworth.
The CADS-NS organization and the individual skiers at Ski Wentworth expressed their gratitude to Rotary for assisting in the purchase of the SitSki.  The volunteer organization has limited funding of it's own. A Rotary decal was placed on the SitSki as well as on the building where all the SitSkis are kept as a reminder of the contributions by Rotary.
The project is just one more example of the role that Rotary clubs can play in assisting various segments of our community.
From left, Jim Goit, Rotary Club of Truro and District Governor, Ed McQuillan, chairman of the Nova Scotia division of the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing, Ski Wentworth President and General Manager Leslie Wilson, and Hiro Ozawa,
CADS certified ski instructor at Ski Wentworth.