Posted by Jim Goit on Jun 03, 2019
Brian Matthews and Jim Gould are at the 2019 Rotary International Convention in Hamburg Germany and report they are having a good time.  This quote from Brian: 
" Jim and I are having a great time. All flights through Gatwick and then Hamburg were right on time . The only issue we had was when our subway train was delayed in getting to the air airbnb but everything worked out. Our accommodations are fine.
We made it back into town to go to a Fencing Fraternity where we were supplied with all the free beer we could drink and later had an exhibition of fencing. Not by drunken people by the way. Then we had a lovely dinner and caught up with old friends like Greg Trefry and Louisa Horne and Rob Christie. Even though we were late getting home last night on the subway it was uneventful.
This morning (Sunday) we attended the opening ceremonies at the Inspiration Lounge which was by invitation only and listen to our outgoing international president Barry Rassin and were entertained by a variety of marvellous performers. Then we took time to have a sausage for lunch accompanied by beer before going through the House of Friendship and seeing lots of interesting projects. Then tonight we attended another event which included beer call "Brews" which is a fellowship that I belong to - Beers Rotarians Enjoy Worldwide .  It was on a steamship riverboat in the Hamburg Harbour on the Elbe River. We had beer and sandwiches and met all kinds of wonderful people from all over the world.
Tomorrow we take in the first sessions of the convention and are looking forward to spending the afternoon doing some touring around.  Here's a few pictures. ..........Brian"
Notice how often the word Beer appears in Brian's report.   We look forward to hearing all about it when they get home.
Jim "Knights" Brian Sir Matthews of Rookery
at Fellowship of Fencing event
Brian at the opening sessionHouse of Friendship
At Fellowship of Tennis boothLocal food