Truro Rotarian Lydia Sorflaten reports on the Cameroon projects regularly and can be followed in her blog week she reports on the Befang Primary School Project and her visit to the construction site. 
After the ceremonies signifying the progress of the Befang Primary School Project, we were invited to the Pastor’s house from a meal.  We were asked to write in the guest book.  Let me share with you what I wrote, then we will attempt to convey the magnitude of the project, its impact on the school and community.
‘We sign this on behalf of the members of the Rotary Club of Truro who chose Befang Primary School as their major project.  They chose to dedicate it in memory of Charlie Hill farmer and  long term member of the Rotary Club of Truro.  In his will, Charlie Hill left money to be used for an International Project.  (When the announcement was made to the guests that their community had been chosen for this project, the all cheered!)   Further to this, Marian the Librarian (from Bridgetown) gave the books, teacher resource materials and for each child pencils, erasers, sharpeners, pencil cases, math sets and more.  For our part, this project is a highlight in our lives.  To see the community come together, to decide how to go about the project, planning and executing the plan by all helping.  May God be with you as you foster the growth and development of these children.   How privileged we are to have been able to be with you.  A special Thank You to Pa Tafrie and Mme Oussematou for their hours and hours of dedication and hard work.  All of us together have made this incredible dream reality.  Our love....Allan and Lydia’ 
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