The Rotary Club of Truro offers Post-secondary Entrance Educational Bursaries for students who wish to pursue post-secondary studies at a college or university. There are three bursaries valued at $1,500 each for students from CEC, South Colchester Academe and North Colchester High School and two $500 Bursaries for students from École Acadienne and Colchester Christian Academy. The bursaries are tenable only at recognized post-secondary institutions, and are awarded to students who reside in the geographic area served by the Rotary Club of Truro.

This Bursary is made possible through the generosity of families, through funds provided by the Rotary Club of Truro, and through other special donations and bequests. 


Bursaries are awarded each year, depending on the availability of funds, and each one is non-renewable.

The Bursary Selection Committee must receive applications no later than May 1st.

 An application form is available on the menu on the left and will include the following information:

  1. Candidates must have college or university entrance standing – depending on institution of choice.  An official transcript of marks and two letters of reference must accompany all applications. A statement of why you should be selected for an award would be helpful to the Bursary Selections Committee. Among other factors, the Committee will take into consideration need, academic standing, and community involvement.
  2. If possible, please include total family income for the calendar year of acceptance; or, if you have applied for and received a Canada student loan, please supply a copy of your letter of eligibility for the loan. 


Signature of applicant


Signature of parent or guardian

Application Form

Name (in full) _____________________________________________

Home Address _____________________________________________

Home Phone No.____________________________________________

High School Attended _______________________________________

College or University to which you will or intend to apply: __________

Briefly describe nature and length of program and the degree or diploma to be awarded (attach more detail on additional page if necessary)

Note: Please attach official transcript of high school marks and two letters of reference

This application must be received no later than May 1st by the:

Bursary Selection Committee

Rotary Club of Truro,

P.O. Box 115, Truro, NS  B2N 5B6

Revised April 2012