June 22, 2020 Bulletin

Opening/Chair: After the usual opening playing of O Canada, Chair for the Day Larry Beazley began this virtual meeting.
Visitors/Guests: No visitors or guests today

Christine Blair, Mayor Municipality County of Colchester

Mayor Blair said she was going to do her talk without slides as her subject is a difficult one for slides. She reviewed the situation of Portapique and other communities during the mass murder of April 18th and 19th and the aftermath. 2020 has been a horrible year – the worst pandemic, Canada’s worst mass murder, the loss of military in a helicopter crash, a missing 3 yr old, and a Snowbird crash. All of these occurrences are extremely difficult, operationally, and emotionally.

The council was already meeting weekly regarding COVID, but then focus changed. There was shock regarding murders, relief when came to end, then sadness and disbelief at the devastation, and the impact of the loss of 22 people and an unborn child. It is unimaginable, so senseless, in our beautiful, idyllic Colchester.

In the days following, Christine did 22 media interviews in 6 days, answering questions from her heart. There have been emails, phone calls, Facebook messages, gifts from around the province, the country and around the world, as far as New Zealand and the U.K. There have been many fundraisers. Tim Hortons sold NS donuts, raising $1.4 million. There were 4,000 donuts sold at the Debert location alone. Run Tribe organized a 5 km virtual run. 1581 people took part and raised almost $69,000. The Colchester council voted to pay for the funerals of the 22 victims, requiring staff support and coordination with funeral homes. One local home donated services. There was a plan to protect the privacy of the Portapique residents with heightened security and blocking of unwanted visitors. Some of the commissionaires donated their time. Counseling services were provided at four locations. There is a recognition that grief and trauma issues will be ongoing. There was cleanup at Portapique and Fero dumpsters.

provided. It is hoped that there will be a joint effort with neighboring municipalities to memorialize the victims.

So many services were involved – 911, RCMP, police, firefighters, paramedics, hospital staff, investigators, mental health counselors, businesses, etc. The RCMP has interviewed 600-700 witnesses. The investigation is still ongoing. Mayor Blair says we can find comfort in how the community has responded, in NS, in Canada, and around the world. These are signs of hope and love.

There were several questions. Christine held up a beautiful gift from Ontario – a quilt with Nova Scotia strong logo, and the photos of the victims printed onto fabric. It will be put up in the office. School children have sent hand prints, others sent hearts, cards, etc. There is a memorial centre at a church on E. Montrose Rd. The fresh flowers keep on coming. The owner of the church is keeping it maintained. In her opinion, there will be an investigation. It is a sensitive issue. The people first on the scene walked into hell. There is a lot of trauma regarding this. She is seeking support from other mayors – what kind of memorial? Need support of families. Will the memorial be centrally located? Something in each community? Unknown. Groups such as the NS Remembers Legacy Society and Rotary Cares are meeting. Police vehicles go to auction with all equipment removed. The uniform and the decals were a big problem. The guns came from the U.S. Trust has been shaken, our sense of security. There will be a long healing process. We will never forget.

Lech thanked Mayor Blair for her touching presentation.

Member Health: 

Larry: feeling good

Garth: Laurie had contact when she was over in PEI. Sounds good. He felt unwell during communion at church, taken to hospital, was on a ventilator that night. Spent 2 weeks in the hospital. Has decided to stay in Savage Harbour PEI for the next 2 months. Surrounded by family.

Announcements and Reports: 
Treasurer Report: Annual Dues are due! $195.00. Please pay by etransfer etrct0949@gmail.com Step up to the plate. If you have difficulty paying please discuss with Al, and alternate arrangements can be made. Please do not combine with your happy mug payments.

Rotary Cares Committee: There will be a focus group later this week. Andrew has been meeting with neighbors. More info regarding the plan next week.

Yearbook: Lech will reconnect with Matt. There is an issue with collecting outstanding accounts regarding who has paid, who has not etc. Need to refresh this committee.

Rotary House Golf Tournament/Workshop: No info about this but the golf club has canceled all tournaments so far. It will probably not be this year. The workshop is closed until further notice. There will be an announcement on construction and funding soon.

President's Report: 
There is a board meeting tomorrow at 7:00 pm. There is a Bollywood committee meeting right before at 6:30 pm. Anyone who wishes can join the board meeting. Zoom connect info will be emailed.
Happy Mug: 
Judy: happy for the rain

Lech: made his wife happy, finding her some golf clubs

Joanna: happy to have a 5 day weekend, biked and kayaked

Lydia: happy to be home, was in Toronto since March, drove back camping, but now dealing with moth invasion. Helpful hints re moths welcome.

Richard: took an item off his bucket list: played Capot Cliffs in Cape Breton

To pay for your happy mugs, $2 per happy, forward to treasurer Al, use etransfer etrct0949@gmail.com You can save up your happy bucks and group them together, say once a month.

Closing: Meeting Adjourned at 1:00 p.m.
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