May 4, 2020 Bulletin

Opening/Chair: The Zoom meeting opened with the sounding of the bell and the playing of O Canada.
Visitors/Guests:  There were a couple of guests today. 
  • Our guest speaker Doug Bridges from the Rotary Club of Hillsborough/Charlottetown, PEI
  • Rotarian Kevin Connors from the Rotary Club of Dartmouth East.  Kevin brought greetings from his club, mentioning that they operated the Student Exchange program and they still had their student from Venezuela with them.  The student has a presentation on his country that he could present to clubs (via zoom) if they are interested.
Speaker:  Laurie introduced our speaker Doug Bridges.  A Rotarian since 2005 with the Rotary Club of Hillsborough on PEI, Doug was club president in 2011-12.  In his day job, he is Marketing and Communications Officer with the PEI Credit Union where he has worked for 22 years. Doug and his wife Debbie have one son. Doug has been a drummer in local bands in the Charlottetown area for many years.
An idea that someone brought back from a Rotary International Convention, STRIVE was started on PEI in 1998-99 at the Colonel Gray Senior High School in Charlottetown. STRIVE is a program that recognizes and rewards students in general, practical or academic courses who show significant improvement in overall performance in their senior year of high school. STRIVE challenges these students to improve their school achievements. It is based on a contract the students make with the guidance office and the Rotary Club and then self-identify the area of improvement the students feel they need.
Over the 20 odd years the Rotary Club of Hillsborough has sponsored the STRIVE Program, $184,500 has been awarded to deserving students who are traditionally missed by the post-secondary financial support programs.  Approximately 30 young people a year participate in the program and all of them gain something.
The Club operates the STRIVE program in cooperation with the Guidance office at the high school.  They hold a series of meetings with the students designed to give the young people practical skills and experience such as interview and public speaking practice as well as the offer of a chance to receive a $1,500 entrance scholarship.  Doug stated that the job fair they hold near the end of the program results in resume and interview skills improvement and noted that some young people even get direct employment.
Over the years several other PEI Rotary Clubs have also started the STRIVE program and from all accounts it has been very successful in changing the lives of young people.
There is more detail on the STRIVE program on the Hillsborough/Charlottetown Website.
Laurie thanked Doug for the presentation and noted his obvious passion of the STRIVE program.
Announcements and Reports: 
  • Brian reported that the membership committee had identified about 20 club members who not had not been at one of the physical or virtual meetings since Christmas. Committee members and others have been able to reach them all and checked in which seems to be appreciated.
  • Matt Redmond provided a brief Yearbook report.  He is sending out physical letters to those clients who have not paid for the 2020 yearbook and will provide solicitors with a copy of what is going out.
  • Barbara reported for the ad hoc committee that is crafting the club’s response to the recent shootings. Clubs and individuals have been asking how they can help, so the group has defined a designated fund and is screening potential projects that are within the scope of what the club can manage.  Many people are coming forward to help.
President's Report:  President Lech thanked everyone for their hard work over the past week and reminded members about the Director’s meeting on Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm.  Everyone is invited and the Zoom link had been provided via email.
Lech also indicated that Matt needs help with the Yearbook committee.  In addition to the day to day operations and cleanup of the current year, there needs to be some real thought and effort put into planning for the 2021 year and beyond. If you have capacity to help please let Lech or Matt know.
Happy Mug: There were a number of happy Rotarians today including:
  • Ed Macdonald was just happy to be a member of this club and for Rotary friends and family.
  • Jim Goit was happy to the great services of the medical system that he had had to access this morning.  Even in time of pandemic his doctor saw him with 30 minutes of his calling for attention to an injury he had received in the back yard.
  • Barbara was happy for the funny display of wildlife in the back yard. The deer are more common now that our President’s dog (Lech is a back yard neighbour) no longer bothers to come off the porch to chase them and they take advantage of that!
  • Lydia was happy to be with family during this time of pandemic.  She and Alan went to Ontario for a two week visit 8 weeks ago and didn’t know when they would get home.   The good part is they have their children and grandchildren around them.
  • Joanna was happy to have a new kayak and had been able to go for an hour and half paddle on the weekend.
  • Garth was happy that they had trapped the bear that had been roaming his neighbourhood.
  • Jane was happy to show off their new puppy.  He is an adorable chocolate lab.
Remember that you are on the honour system (4 Way Test) and you should track what you owe and make a payment to the club when you have accumulated an amount that seems right to you. Just send your payment to and indicate in the comment field that it is for the Fun Fines.
Closing: 12:57pm at the sound of the bell.
34 - Throwback Thursday
In case you missed our Facebook series #throwbackthursdayRCT
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