November 23 2020

November is Rotary Foundation Month
Opening/Chair: Tom Savary
O Canada: Vancouver Children's Choir
Guest Speakers: Jillian Gibson and Rod Jones  “The Rotary Foundation”
Rod Jones  is retired and enjoying his retirement. Rod worked primarily in the insurance industry, and had worked with an international insurance company and subsequently as an independent broker. Rod spent 44 years in the business and loved every minute. He thinks that he was a lucky guy to find a compatible and satisfying career.  Rod volunteered with many non profit which has been his  passion and hobby. Rod served with Kinsmen Club, YMCA board, Chamber of Commerce, Hospital Foundation board, Truro School Bands Auxiliary, Crohn's and Colitis Foundation, Truro Boy Scouts and many provincial, regional and national insurance industry boards and committees.  Rod has been a Rotarian for 12 years and a Paul Harris Fellow, he has served as a Director on our club for a number of years. Rod is our Foundation chair and member of the Truro Rotary Care's project and the Children First Foundation project.
Jillian Gibson joined Rotary in 2004 while living in The Bahamas.  Since then, she returned home to Newfoundland where she was an active member of the Rotary Club of St. John's Northwest.  Two years ago, she moved to Halifax and is now with Halifax Harbourside.  Throughout her Rotary career, she has remained passionate about The Rotary Foundation and International Service.  She recently traveled under a Global Grant to a remote village in Zimbabwe where she witnessed firsthand the power that The Rotary Foundation has on communities. Jillian is the Director of Philanthropy at Saint Mary's University.  Her husband, Mike, is also a Rotarian.  They have two children in their 20s who have somehow not yet flown the coop!
Jillian notes that Rotarians like to think of themselves as people of action.  She would like us to think about the Rotary Foundation as the engine of that action.  The Foundation is a tool in your tool kit.  There are 3 main parts to the Rotary Foundation:
1. Eradicate Polio – the Polio Plus program has set up pathways and connections for health care that are now used to spread word of COVID
2. Promotion of Peace – the Rotary Peace Fellowship scholarship program.  150 scholars are chosen each year to attend 6 different universities, either for a Masters or a shorter certificate program.  Our job is to put forward applicants – no cost to clubs or districts. 
3. Administration of Grants, global and district.  There are 6 areas of focus with a 7th , Environment, coming on board next July. The six areas are: 
Peace and conflict prevention/resolution.
Disease prevention and treatment.
Water and sanitation.
Maternal and child health.
Basic education and literacy.
Economic and community development.
The Rotary Foundation has provided $29 million in grants specifically for COVID-19 relief.  When Rotarians from a certain district donate to the Rotary Foundation, the district gets back ½ of those funds 3 years later to use locally.  A club needs to be qualified to apply for grants.  President Jane has taken the course. 
Jillian encouraged us to consider making The Rotary Foundation a charity of choice.  There is a program called Every Rotarian Every Year, inspiring Rotarians to give $100 US each year.  You can register as a direct donor for monthly donations with your credit card.  When you donate to the Rotary Foundation, you can designate it for Polio, or for one of the areas of focus.  Those who give $100 US per yr are called sustaining members.  $1000 over time leads to a Paul Harris Fellow award, either directly because of your contributions or a donation in your name.  You could consider a Legacy gift – leaving a donation in your will.
Rod pointed out that donations are cumulative and you get charitable donation receipts for income tax.  Committed giving can be different amounts.  Even small amounts make a difference.  Even 60 cents will buy a polio vaccine, $50 will help with clean water.   He announced that 25% of our club members donate to the Foundation, with 12 members being direct donors.   The average annual donation is $46. 
President’s Report
Paul Harris Fellows
President Jane spoke about some of the history of the Paul Harris Fellow award.  Non-Rotarians can receive Paul Harris Fellow awards because of their service to the community.   Mother Teresa, Boris Yeltsin and Jonas Salk are Paul Harris Fellows.  Starting in 1979 clubs were encouraged to make a non Rotarian a Paul Harris Fellow. 
President Jane awarded several of our club members with their Paul Harris Fellow pins today:
Lydia Sorflaten – her first one
Chester McPhee and Ken MacDonald +1
Adam Wylie, Terry Pook and Jim Gould +2
Wayne Gillis and Brian Matthews +3
Dave Mills +5
Congratulations all!
(Ed note: You can read more about Paul Harris and the awards here:
Thanks to all for the Highway Cleanup which was well attended, and to Rotary Cares for the ground work and to Ed for the photos.
There is some discussion re the December 7th social lunch, whether it will go ahead.
There is a Director’s meeting on December 1st.
Committee Reports
Rotary Cares: More work done on clean up.  A piano has been moved in and there is stainless steel kitchen gear.  Drywall is going up.  Plans for a sign at the road.  There was a meeting with the Minister of Community and Social Services and requests for interviews etc for more publicity.  Barb did a presentation in Middleton and thinks there will be multiple donations from Rotarians there. 
Highway Cleanup: Audrie Jo was happy with the turnout and reported 49 bags of trash were collected plus 6 other piles too big for bags.  Lots of traffic on a Sunday afternoon so Rotarians visible to the community doing their work.  Photos on our Facebook page.
Christmas Index: Larry has sent out email with requests for help and another will be coming out today. We will need a lot more hands on board for this project.  There will be a limitation for outside helpers and a need to limit numbers at any one time due to COVID restrictions.  At the current time helpers restricted to Rotarians and their family members.  Larry and Rod and Kevin and Dave R  have moved existing inventory to the distribution centre, 20 truckloads. There is a need to get this out of boxes and sorted so we can deal with new items as they come in.  Need 5 to 7 people from 7 to 9 Tuesday night for this preliminary sorting. We are already receiving new inventory.  There are 5 drop off locations throughout town, Larry will list in email.  People can also donate money directly to Christmas Index.  The distribution centre is next to Bike Monkey at 136 Esplanade.
Yearbook: Lech says the email campaign has started and is yielding good results.  Phase 2 will be solicitations of those who have responded to emails.  The solicitations will rely on Rotarians to do the asking.  Photos changing due to COVID, but it is the faces that give the book value.  Maybe some businesses can use last year’s photo if staff haven’t changed.
Member’s Health: Joanna reported that Barbie is home in good spirits and welcomes visitors
Happy Mug:
Barb: was at Dal AC this morning.  Jim’s former staff and alumni dedicated a bench in his name.  It is under the flag pole flying the Canadian flag.  Happy to have a cortisone shot for her shoulder.
Jane: happy to celebrate a birthday,  has eaten crepes, whipped cream and cake so far today.
Al: happy with response to the dues.  Everyone on the zoom meeting today has paid up.  Only 5 members still owing.
Jim G: daughter, her husband and 3 kids have been living with them for 3 months. Have moved out.
Alana: new client with tourist business in Economy area.  Went on ATV tour.
Mike: hats off to town for the stationary Santa Parade and the lights.
Meeting adjourned at 1:06.    31 participants
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