Time and Location: 12:10pm, Zoom
Chair: Mayor Christine Blair
Introduction: Alana shared a rendition of O Canada, which was followed by a moment of silence.
Guests: No Guess Speaker Today – Club Meeting
President Tom called upon the Director’s of the club to provide a overview of some of the activities that were happening within the Committees’ under their Directorship.
Adam Harris, Director of Community Service was unable to attend todays meeting, and wanted all to know that we do have a significant increase in the community budget this year so if there is anyone who wants to contact him about doing a special project, event, outreach, etc. about how to spend the money they can contact him or the board.
All sub-committees’ are essentially inactive right now other than Rotary Cares Committee.
Alana Hirtle, Chair of the Rotary Cares Committee, provided the following update:
  • Had provided some pictures of the almost completed playground.
  • She had updated the club on the plans of the community centre and what still needs to be completed.
  • There are two scheduled “Get Stuff Done” days:
    • September 26, at 1:00 at the community hall - Building the Play Huts
    • October 3, at 1:00 Sod laying day.
All Rotarians are encouraged to assist for a day, part of, whatever time you may have available. Please let Alana know.
  • They are hoping to have the grand opening of the Playground on October 15, 16, or 17.
  • They are waiting on the building permit to move the hall and are hoping to have it done before winter.
  • Casey’s Concrete will be ready to pour the slap within the next few weeks.
Ryan Beazley, Director of Vocational Services, provided the following update:
  • At this time of Covid in-person meetings of businesses and community events have been on hold. Once things start to open up Ryan will be scheduling some visitations to local businesses.
  • Ryan is also looking for new vocational speakers either from the club membership or from community business leaders.
Matthew Berrigan, Director of Youth Services, provided the following update:
  • Laurie Sandeson provided an update on the STRIVE Program that is set for CEC this year.
    • There was an overwhelming number of students who are interested in the program.
    • The program will accept 30 applicants to enroll in the program.
    • The program will host 4–5 workshops for the students, everything from resume writing to interviewing skills, A job fair that will feature local businesses and institutions.
    • Each student will receive $100.00 for completing the course and be eligible for one of three bursaries of $1,500.00 for further education.
  • Laurie spoke of the RYLA program and some of the key features of it. One specific was the day-long Leadership Event.
  • The Bursary Committee will be receiving applications later in the fiscal year, March – May 2022.
The Youth Services also covers the Rotary Youth Exchange and Adventure in Citizenship that has been on hold due to Covid pandemic and will re-start once the restrictions are lifted.
Lech Krzywonos, Club Service Director provided the following update:
  • There are four main committees under his Directorship:
    • Membership – on going and has four committee members
    • Highway Clean-up – which is done normally in the spring of the year and Audrie-Jo McConkey is the Chair.
    • Programing – Which is arranging weekly speakers, Kevin Quinlan is the Chair and we want to give a big “Great Day to Be A Rotarian” award to Kevin for the great line-up of Speakers.
    • Social committee, Judy Nicholson, Chair, and has been dormant due to Covid, however will be looking at starting a Thursday Afternoon Social get together.
  • Lech has reviewed the survey results as to In-Person Meetings. The results indicate the membership is prepared to try in-person meetings again. Reviewed all venues suggested and at this time, only the Glengarry is able to support our Lunch-time meetings at the reasonable price of $15. (See email to be sent out)
Esther Bejarano, International Service Director and has provided a recap of some of the projects that the International Committee has been involved in.
  • Raffle Box, to set up shelter for Earthquake victims in Haiti and around the world.
  • Dental Care, Global grant is being put together to assist in setting up Dental care in Armenia.
  • Water of Life – Providing clean drinking water for Haiti. $500 donation
  • Rotary International – For a project in Kenya, South Africa. 
Anna Rutherford, Public Image Director, Would like to extend an invitation to any Member who would like to assisted in helping or would like to shadow Anna to learn more about the Public Image position and how to promote our club on public media, Facebook etc.
Al Cooze, Treasurer Director, report on his committee which consist of Ken MacDonald, Dale Saunders and himself. They report on the financial status of the Club. Members are encouraged to review the financial statements presented to the Board on a monthly bases.
Secretary’s Report, Darlene Stevenson, Secretary reported that she had some inquires from the membership on how to view the Board Meeting Minutes. She provide a demonstration with the help of Lech as to how to view through the club website. As follows:
  1. Bring up club website, Member Links (top right) dropdown menu
  2. Click on Directors Meetings, Director Meeting Minutes and Reports.
  3. Click on the Year, and the Month required.
  4. Click on the Month, All Minutes and Financial Reports are available.
You do not have to log-in to be able to get the above info.
Joanna McGowan, Vice President, Director has the following committees under her Directorship: Yearbook Committee, Bollywood Committee and Strategic Planning.
  • Laura MacLaughlin, Co-Chair with Anna Rutherford provided an update on Bollywood.
    • The Bollywood will be a take-out event again this year. On October 21, pick-up your meals between 4:30 and 7:00. Some volunteers will be required to assist in passing out the meals. Please let Laura or Anna know if you are interested.
    • Ticket sales are going well and a reminder to all to get your tickets and to spread the word, share the Facebook page and remind family, friends and colleagues to get their tickets.   
    • Scanway Catering and the Glengarry will donate $1.00 each for each ticket sold, and the Rotary Club will match their donations ($2.00), and the total donations will be donated to the Singh Family or the Community, based on the discretion of the Bollywood Committee.  
President Tom Savary, Report.
National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, September 30, 2021. Orange Shirt Day.
  • Many activities will be happening within the Indigenous communities through Nova Scotia on September 30, 2021. President Tom has ask that all Rotarians reflect on this day and participate in someway to show your support. Wear your Orange Shirt and participate in the Walk in the Millbrook Community, The Gerald Gloade Art Show or other events that will be taking place. We will send out a separate email to highlight the events for September 30.
The Board provided an email survey that was sent to all members. The survey results of the 36 participants has indicate that the Membership is ready for in-person meetings.
  • So we are prepared to have a trail-run for in-person meetings, to start on October 12, 2021.
  • The location will be the Glengarry Best Western Dining room.
  • The day will need to be changed to Tuesdays as indicate in the survey with over-whelming support.
  • The meal will be $15.00 including Coffee or Tea and no dessert.
  • We will try to maintain a Hybrid type of Meeting. In-person and Zoom. Lech and his technology people are going to try it out.
  • If you are attending in person, you must provide your confirmation that you have been double vaccinated. This confirmation will be kept via a tick sheet to say that your double vaccination has been verified, this tick sheet will be managed by Darlene Stevenson, Secretary.  All who attend the In-person meeting must provide Darlene confirmation before, or at the lunch, so that she can provided confirmation to the Glengarry. You will only need to provide confirmation to Darlene once.
Report on Members Health: Joanna reported that Barbie Reynolds was out of the hospital and resting at home. We wish her all the best.
Happy Mug: All members were happy, but no individual stories. 
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 1:20pm.
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