April 27, 2020 Bulletin

Opening/Chair: Jim opened the Zoom meeting with the sound of the gong and a rousing edition of the national Anthem.  It was the official version right off the Government of Canada website.
Visitors/Guests:  The only guest on this occasion was our speaker Ed Wohlmuth.
Speaker: President Lech introduced our speaker.  Ed Wohlmuth is a faculty member at NSCC whose professional life is as a counsellor.  His area of expertise is in crisis response, trauma, and resilience training. He has his own practice Wohlmuth Counselling & Consulting Services  | The Optimize Life.
Ed started by saying the emotions we are feeling such as shock, anxiety and denial are all signs of secondary trauma. This is often followed by feeling of sadness and depression. He told us we all experience these to one degree or another in situations such as we have recently been subjected to.  There is a direct connection to post traumatic stress.   Stress due to the Covid-19 we have already been subjected to only make it worse.  It takes only small things to set people off if we can’t balance our thoughts.  The combinations of anxiety and depression are real and present.
Firstly we have to learn to be honest with ourselves. We need to take time to get some emotional air and release tension. Be aware that these are all typical symptoms and there is nothing wrong with you. It is a perfectly normal response.  The more you can get together and talk, the better the situation will become.  It is good to see you not alone. Even virtual meetings like we are having are helpful.
The best advice is to comfort and support each other.  Channel attention into something that will bring strength and address the absurdity of life. Stand in the face of the depths of winter and become the invincible summer was the advice.
Ed provided some strategy tips:
  1. Mindfulness.  Being present and practice attention awareness
  2. Intuitive eating.  Good food affect mood.  Enjoy treats.
  3. Sleep.  Get enough solid sleep.
  4. Intentional Movement.  Relive stress. Focus on what you are doing.
  5. Social connections.  Maintain them as best you can.
Ed finished by saying there had been a lot of research into the damaging effect of loneliness.  Don’t be overwhelmed.  Start fresh every day.  Be prepared to change and adapt to your situation.
Ed has a video of his presentation on YouTube at https://youtu.be/7Ur9E-msIkk
After some great questions Ed was thanked by President Lech.
Member Health: It was reported that there were many of our members who would welcome a phone call.  Take the time to make someone’s day.  Members are encouraged to contact each other often.
Announcements and Reports: 
  • President Lech announced that he was in possession of the Rotary International Foundation a Major Donor Award pin for Rod Jones. A major Donor the recognition for someone who has contributed $10,000 or more in accumulated donations to the Rotary Foundations. Congratulations and thank you Rod.
  • Lech report for the small group trying set to decide on what we might do to support the community after the shootings and how we will handle donations from clubs and Rotarians wishing to help.  While the final form our support will take has not been determined, It has been decided that it will focus on children and a fund would be setup in the club account to put money aside. Members expressed the desire to be sure we are making significate contribution where it was most needed.
  • Jim reported that Donna and Ralph Hopkins had contributed the money they were saving by not buying meals for the regular Rotary Meeting to the Food Bank and would continue to do so until meetings resumed. Brian had mentioned he was doing something similar.  Others might think of ways to use their savings to support our communities.
  • At least 4 Rotarians were involved in solo (or family assisted) litter pickup on Earth Day (or within a few days one way or the other.  The effort in a time of social distancing is commendable.  Thank you to all.
President's Report: 
President Lech observed that times are different times than normal and that we have to do things differently.  The capacity for Rotary may be limited for some due to extra demands at work.  He asks that if members have capacity to help out in executive function let him know.  There are jobs needing to be done.
The next Directors meeting will be May 5th as a Zoom conference. Details to be announced.
Happy Mug: Jim announced that we would resume the Happy Mug with this difference:  If you make a happy announcement you can make a donation to the fund virtually through an interact transfer to the club bank account. While we could track it and “invoice”, upon later consideration it might be better to run on the honour system. You can track what you owe yourself and make a payment to the club when you have accumulated an amount that seems right to you. Just send your payment to etrct0949@gmail.com and indicate in the comment field that it is for the Fun Fines.
  • Matthew Berrigan was happy to be back and see people's faces after an absence.
  • Ed Macdonald was just happy.
  • Joanna was happy to have the government programs that might help with her business.  She was finding out a lot more about the paperwork than she wanted.
  • Dave Mills was happy to see faces and that everyone is safe.
  • Laurie as happy for two new “family” members.  She now has two puppies Maggie and Luna. They are beautiful.
  • Jim Goit was happy to see everyone and was made especially happy to see Alana’s live cat stole during our call.
50/50: Still have not figured a way to do this activity virtually.   Any ideas?
Closing: 1:19 pm
Earthday Cleanup 2020
Some Rotarians (and family members) didn't let social distancing and cold weather prevent them from cleaning up the roadsides in their local communities on Earthday.  Thank you to Laurie, Richard, Audrie-Jo and Jim for making their local neighbourhoods just a little bit better.
33 - Throwback Thursday
In case you missed our Facebook series #throwbackthursdayRCT
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