November 2 2020

November is Rotary Foundation Month
Chair: Jim Gould
O Canada: 11 languages
Personal Reflection
Guests: Adrian Dellicolli and Ireland Fuller
Guest Speaker: Adam Harris and Adam Wylie, Community Needs Committee
Adam Wylie started his presentation by showing the Organizational Chart of our club.  Current members of the Community Needs Committee are listed are Adam Wylie, Andrew Macdonald, Dave Mills and Paul Clark.  Adam Harris will be taking over. This chart is being reviewed at the Board level.  It will be refreshed and there will be an update.  It is available on Club Runner. 
Requests for funds come in various ways.  Most come in by email  Some may have been referred by another entity such as MLA, Salvation Army, churches and other service clubs.  The request however has to come from the individual who needs the help.  Due diligence includes asking the following:
1. Does it fit our mandate? -  especially children and individual with special needs
2. Is there funding available elsewhere? – e.g. government, Salvation Army, other service clubs
3. Do they actually need the help?
4. Can we partner with other service clubs? – e..g. Lions, Kinsmen, or others
5. Is the person or group in our area?
6. On any request, before we cut a cheque we need to be the last funds
7. We never pay person directly. – e.g. pay Lawton’s or company providing a walker
8. Keep Rotary Club of Truro Trust in mind as may be more appropriate source of funds. e.g. Maggie’s Place looking for funding for a pre-natal program
Committee meets monthly with directors.  There is a consent agenda up to $500.  There may be items for discussion with the board to get advice or direction.  If request is >$500, the committee can bring forward a motion for the board to approve.   The yearly budget was $10,500, and now is $12,870.  In 2018 funds distributed were $13,919, in 2019 it was $11,247, and this year $6,947.  Once COVID hit the requests stopped.
An example of donations are a cough assist for a 14 yr old boy ($1425.00), a fence for a young girl at flight risk ($1732.50), Sobey’s gift card for student in need ($250.00), and iPad for a youth with special needs ($726.00),  partial payment for an insulin pump for a young girl ($1000.00), elementary student glasses ($279.00), March Break camp for special needs child ($550.00), Water of Life CEC Interact matching grant ($282.00), Central Nova Women’s Centre matching grant ($176.00), dental bill ($212.00), medication for a senior ($47.00), wheelchair maintenance ($565.00), hospice equipment ($560.00), Iranian student ($200.00), gas card to IWK ($200.00).    
The gift cards for students are about 3 or 4 per yr.  The requests are well vetted before it gets to Rotary. The Rotary Trust has a fund available at NSCC.  $1000 per yr in perpetuity.  That is exhausted first.   IWK will give out gas cards.  Water for Life could come under International Committee.
Committee Reports
Rotary Cares
At the Community meeting yesterday Richard said the enthusiasm was palpable.  The woods were cleaned up, and people are working on the inside of the hall.  He commended Andrew for his efforts.  Ed Macdonald showed some photos of the progress.  He said the project is ambitious, includes all ages, lots of equipment, chain saws, gyp rock, electrical work.  They have doubled the amount of clearing. There is a mountain of brush.  There is marking of trees that shouldn’t be cut.  The spirit of the community is most obvious.  A board has been established.  There has been discovery of history of the centre, there are very old timbers found in the building.  The house across from the hall came up for sale, and offer was made but owner declined and the board has agreed to let it go.  However the owner of an abutting property has agreed to sell it at a very reasonable price.  It is on the west side and will be good for fields, ball diamond, maybe even for a site to move the building.
Rotaract Club
Audrie Jo reported the Rotaract Club did a Trick or Trunk, collecting food for the Food Bank
Wagon Walk
Adrian Dellicolli is a 2nd yr recreation management student who along with Ireland Fuller is organizing a 150 km walk this Sunday, starting in Portapique, then to Wentworth, Shubenacadie, and ending in Enfield. You are invited to join in the last 15 km.  There are opportunities to participate, sponsor or donate.  The funds raised will be split – 50% to the Nova Scotia Remembers Legacy Society, and 50% to the Portapique Community Buildup.
Secretary’s Report: There is a Board meeting November 3rd at 7:00 pm.  All welcome to attend.  A zoom link was sent out by email.
President’s Report: Rev Macnaughton, former Rotary Club member, passed away yesterday.  The Board is trying to have some form of in-person Rotary meetings.  Working on it. 
Member Health
Sharon reported that Garth is in hospital
Ed remembers Rev Macnaughton as an uplifting almost metaphysical person.  Laurie remembers him almost 30 years ago to the day presiding at her wedding to Mike in PEI.
Happy Mug
Richard: had left over chips
Matthew: happy to be back after missing last week.  Sister doing well after being in hospital
Alana: father had bowel surgery, doing OK
Tom: has adopted new dog, an 8 yr old beagle who doesn’t bark, but does howl.  Had to bring into bedroom
Meeting adjourned at 12:57.  30 participants.
Upcoming Speakers
Nov 09, 2020 12:10 PM
Chair: Christine Blair
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Chair: Laura MacLaughlin
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Nov 30, 2020 12:10 PM
Chair: Wayne Gillis
Dec 07, 2020 12:10 PM
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Dec 14, 2020 12:10 PM
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Dec 21, 2020 12:10 PM
Rotary Club of Truro - No meeting During Holidays
Dec 28, 2020 12:10 PM
Rotary Club of Truro - No meeting During Holidays
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