October 5 2020

Chair: Lech Krzywonos
O Canada: Youtube Beta Anthems
Personal Reflection
Guest Speaker: Stella Roy, End Polio Now Zone Coordinator
Stella is currently working as an End Polio Now Zone coordinator for Zone 28 East and is now the District 7820 Polio Chair. She has just completed 3 years as District 7820 Rotary Foundation Chair.  She is on the International Committee in her Club.
Stella served as District Governor for the District 7820 in 2014 2015, She loved learning that each community is unique, one size does not fit all and was amazed at all the different ways that Rotarians are able to help their communities, especially up in the north of Labrador and the small communities in our many rural areas.
Highlights of her Rotary opportunities have been on polio NID trips to India, Madagascar and Nigeria led by Anne lee Hussey. She saw first hand WHO, UNICEF, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Rotary working in partnership.
Stella is a Paul Harris society member and a Bequest Society Member. She was proud to receive the Polio Regional Service Award for a Polio free world in June 2017 and a Citation for Meritorious Service from the Rotary Foundation.
She works as a physiotherapist in the area of Women’s Health in Bedford and her hobbies include Sailing, Hiking and Paddle boarding with her dog Sailor. 
Polio is a water borne virus which attacks the nervous system.  It starts with a fever, and progresses quickly, growing in the intestine and then causing acute flaccid paralysis within 5 days.  It sometimes resolves spontaneously and other times causes paralysis of one or more limbs.  Patients can have corrective surgery, and may use braces or crutches, but in much of the world patients figure out how to get around without these options – crawling, skateboards, etc.   Rotary started the campaign to end polio in 1988 and now there are only 2 endemic countries.  She showed a slide with the very dramatic change from 1988, when there were millions of cases to the present day. Pakistan has had 74 cases this year and Afghanistan 47 for a total of 121 cases.   The door to door vaccination campaign was put on hold from March to September due to COVID but has now started up again.  The labs were still testing, and the clinics, call centres, contact tracing, and water and environmental testing sites have been operating throughout.  There was a small vaccine derived outbreak in Indonesia which has been brought under control.  The Polio Network in place has been able to be modified and used for COVID – the contact tracing, labs, and billboards.  The polio workers are trusted in their communities and therefore were able to spread information about COVID, such as social distancing, hand washing and masks.
Stella is positive that we will eradicate polio.  Polio Type 2 and Type 3 has been eliminated worldwide, so only Type 1 remains.   India has been polio free for 10 years.   Africa was declared polio free in 2016.  The polio chair for Africa, Tunji Funsho, was named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people of 2020, the first time a Rotarian has received this honour.  We are on the last mile of the marathon and it is the hardest mile.  Rotary contributed $50,000,000 last year, and if Rotary makes the $50,000,000 target, then Bill Gates matches with $100,000,000.  World Polio Day is October 24th.  She encouraged Rotarians to participate in polio fundraisers and to contribute directly to the END POLIO NOW campaign.  Only 9% of Rotarians contribute to Polio.  Imagine what would happen if every Rotarian gave $10.   Donations are matched 2:1.   Canada contributed $190,000,000 through WHO and even though the USA stopped funding WHO they still contributed $237,000,000 through the Global Health Initiative. 
All children in a community who are under the age of 5 are vaccinated during an NID.  The Purple Pinkie is purple or black ink marked on the fingernail of the child who has already been vaccinated.  Each vaccine costs probably around $3.00 once you factor in the cost of the health care workers and local system to operate the program.
Stella was thanked by Alana H.
Rotary Cares: Alana reported there was an interview on Global news on Friday evening.  There is a longer written transcript on the Global website.  There was a press release this morning.
Bollywood: Laura reminded us that tickets are available until October 8th.  There are around 200 sold now, aiming for 225-250.  The online auction is up and running.  Spread the word.  She could use one or 2 more volunteers for October 15th 4-7 pm.    So share/like/promote between now and Thursday.
Yearbook: Lech said the committee is small but mighty.  The good news is that there are very few delinquent accounts from last year’s book.  Some discussion regarding what the yearbook should look like during COVID times.  Looking at ways to decrease production costs and possibly a different way of distribution.  Maybe instead of distributing with flyers (22,000), go with distributing at grocery stores and pharmacies and local sponsoring businesses which would be more like 5,000 copies. The email campaign to previous sponsors will start soon, then will solicit clients throughout the fall.  Perhaps businesses could use same photos as previous, due to need for social distancing etc.  Kirk is on board for doing the photography.  Hoping to launch the yearbook in Rotary Week in April.  Let Lech know if you want to be part of a solicitation team.  This is Rotary’s major fundraiser. 
President’s Report: There is a board meeting tomorrow night at 7:00 pm
Happy Mug:
Richard B: finished Garth Coffin’s book, really enjoyed it
Jane: enjoyed family trip on Cabot Trail last weekend, staying at Baddeck, Dingwall and Cheticamp
Kevin: recommends reading the latest Rotarian magazine, wonderful article on lives of girls in India in the main magazine, and an overview of Jennifer Jones in the Canadian supplement
Joanna: has pigeon proofed the barn
Lydia: enjoyed hiking at Taylor Head, perfect weather
Reminder: there is no meeting next week – Thanksgiving Monday. 
Meeting adjourned at 1:05 pm.  26 participants. 
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