Posted by Jim Goit on Sep 24, 2019
There were ten members of the Rotary Friendship Exchange Team in the Truro area from Sunday Sept 22nd to Tuesday the 24th when they were handed off to Rotarians from PEI. 
During those three days Jim Gould and Jim Goit showed them some of the sights of our area including Sugar Moon Farm, The Raging Crow, the Millbrook Cultural & Millbrook Heritage Centre, Balmoral Mill, The Train Station Inn, Tatamagouche Brewing Co, Jost Winery, Grohmann Knives and the Hector Center. We also managed to have a great social on Monday evening attended by 11 club members, family members and our guests.
The Rotarian couples were billeted at the homes of Jim & Gloria Gould, Brian and Carol Matthews, Sharon Corcoran and Orland Dickson, Lech and Tari Krzywonos and Jim & Barbara Goit.
New friends were made and a lot was learned about each others homes and Rotary around the world. What a great experience.