Chair: Dave Mills
Mar 11, 2019 12:00 PM
Debbie Adams - People Can
Chair: Dave Mills

Two words that Debbie Adams uses to describe herself is “workaholic and reluctant entrepreneur”. Losing her career as a solider because of vision loss was devastating and in spite of graduating from university with distinction at age 46, employers were still not willing to employ her. So, she did the one thing she had control over – she hired herself.

Debbie is not only the owner of PeopleCan Training in Lower Sackville, she also teaches other entrepreneurs to learn the lessons that she had to learn the hard way. She helps small businesses become profitable sooner and profitable again with her practical lessons that she earned at the school of hard knocks. She loves to talk about the elephant in the room – unconscious bias against making money.

Debbie may live with disabilities but she doesn’t let that slow her down. In 2016, she was chosen as Entrepreneur of the Year.  She is also a 3 time published author. Debbie travels the country speaking to people about tough topics like money, change and entrepreneurship. When she isn’t working, she enjoys connecting with her roots in the great outdoors. She is a Newfoundlander at heart but lives in Nova Scotia with her daughter Alyssa.