Nov 04, 2019 12:00 PM
Dan Nolan - One Sight
Chair - David Ritcey
Born and raised in TRURO in the area called Hollywood , between industrial park and Millbrook Dan resides in Upper Stewiacke where he has been for the last 37 years 
Dan graduated in 1980 from CEC (honors with distinction) and was pursuing a career in veterinary medicine at the then NSAC  but a weak stomach for blood changed hismy career path and he moved into the optical field He started work at Optical Factory and received his dispensing opticians license in 1982 . He started managing the store on Prince Street in 1982 and has gone through several ownership and name changes 
Optical factory - Shorneys Optical - Shoppers Optical - and after being purchased by Luxottica now PEARLE Vision . Dan has been serving TRURO area for over 37 years.
Dan has been married  for 33 years to Lila and they have 3 children and now a grand-daughter. Dan has  always been active in the local sporting community as a participant and coach. He now enjoys running , cycling , swimming, playing ball, broomball, volleyball and hockey. This past summer completed he first trail ultra- marathon .