May 14, 2018 5:00 PM
Supper Meeting Speaker: Dr. Karen Ewing, Peace
Chair - Jim Goit PM meeting Dr. Ewing was awarded a Peacekeeping Award. She will share her story!

Dr. Ewing is a proud Newfoundlander by birth and a Family Physician by trade. In life her time is spent pursuing  humanitarian causes.

The cause which you will hear about is Peace. After a trip to the western front tracing the steps of The Royal Newfoundland Regiment, Dr. Ewing returned with a devastating appreciation of the sacrifices there offered. The Veterans Memorial Park in Bass River was designed and created by Dr. Ewing as a living memorial.  The Park is made up of three gardens: the Garden of Sorrows, a stylized recreation of a WWI trench; the Garden of Remembrance which now houses 800 names of Veterans and serving members of conflict; and the Garden of Hope, a colourful, vibrant and peaceful international garden.  The park houses the Forgotten Heroes Monument for the animals of war, the only one of its kind in Canada.

Dr. Ewing's assertion is that we are not made for war despite the history of the world reading as a war chronicle.  This we can and must overcome. For her efforts, Dr. Ewing has received a Veterans Affairs Commendation; the outstanding service award from the Retired United Nations Veterans Association; the YMCA Peace Medal and most recently, the Shirley Farlinger Award for Peace Writing from The Canadian Voice of Women.