Chair - Anna Rutherford
Sep 23, 2019 12:00 PM
Kyle Andrews - Childhood Post Traumatic Stress
Chair - Anna Rutherford

Kyle Andrews lives in Maitland, with his partner, Rotary member Jim Harman. Kyle grew up in a small village, Aulds Cove by the Canso Causeway. He suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and has also been diagnosed with borderline personality and coconcurrent disorders.  He is also diagnosed HIV-positive.

Despite all obstacles of the post-traumatic stress disorder from childhood due to sexual, mental and physical abuse, he completed 4 years of university in 22 months as an honor student. Kyle was a telecommunications engineer who helped pilot and bring to market high speed internet in Canada and North America as well as development of video and internet over the telephone line and Canada's first e-commerce website, He purchased his first house in downtown Toronto at age 22.

However post-traumatic stress disorder caught up with Kyle who later suffered from drug addiction and homelessness for many years.  He has overcome many of his obstacles after year of therapy and with the assistance of his emotional support dog Duke. He's met the Governor General, Sheldon Kennedy and Theo Fleury. 

Kyle lived in one of the poorest housing projects in Canada for eight years, many times with no running water elevator or heat.  Despite being clean and sober, he was living in the middle of struggling new immigrants, the disabled, the elderly, drug addicts and the destitute.

Kyle utilized the tools he learned in therapy to co-author a book with several other survivors of sexual abuse from all over the globe. He now gives talks to first-year students at the NSCC on the topics of prejudice of people's appearance, drug addiction, self-care, and identifying victims of abuse.  He enjoys gardening, fishing, remote control boating and motocross and is also a photographer and craftsman who has works showing at Gallery 215 in Selma.